Saturday, 14 August 2010

models off duty

As Tavi has wisely pointed out in her homage to model off-duty looks that aren't just bomber jackets and super-duper-skinny jeans, this girl combines prints, acid brights and craziness like noone else. She has extreme hippy elements but a pioneer of layering. Her textures are amazing as well, she combines leather docs with velvet a lot and she's always clashing colours and prints. A challenger of the colour wheel. She's a girl that, whenever i doubt myself fashionably and strike a style blank, i look to her for inspiration. She's really brave and innovative and she's a model with a look to actually celebrate. As a person as well she challenges the air head stereotype of a model. Everybody should check out interviews with her, she seems like she would be amazing to hang with. When asked what she does in her spare time she replied 'me and friends have pancake parties'. She also had an art exhibition and art certainly is an element that's expressed in her attire. I really admire her dress sense and i think she's a pioneer for difference and bringing back the message that fashion is art. And clothes are a way of showing the world who you are and how creative you are. Gold stars for Iekeliene
Tatiana Cotliar. I must say she's another girl i look up to for layers sake! She's another one with etherial looks and a very casual hair style that compliments the clothes beautifully. She pairs patterns together extremely well, (the spots on her tights matching the top of the body) and i love the subtle vintage hints.

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