Friday, 20 August 2010


My last mention of minnie mouse got me thinking. She's inspired fashion A LOT in the recent few seasons so i thought i'd take a look at who she's inspired. Even as lately as A/W'10 with Sonia Rykiel's giant pom poms on the top of the head and Celine's gigantic bow shoes the oversized elements to her look seem to be a big hit in the fashion world. I like looking at collections and thinking about strange things that may have influenced them. The Sonia Rykiel pompom outfit complete with big suit reminds me of just that. The big suit. I went to see stop making sense at the fact in liverpool two nights ago and it seems to be a prominent inspiration, yet again, with the suits trend. The big suit has already inspired a lot of designers such as Viktor and Rolf in the past as Byrne's visual art background is injected into his on stage wardrobe as he messes with perception and construction.
But back to minnie mouse.
I've put together quite a few outfits massively inspired by her lately with the key pieces: spotty bow, red, black and white and oversized adornments of all kinds. I think she has a definite 1950's sex appeal about her and i think that was something that a lot of designers tapped into this season. From Prada's waist cinching, calf skimming sillhouettes-Minnie's mentality was everywhere. I'm quite fascinated to see this after all this time because i've been inspired by her lately and didn't even realise that it's probably these subtle staple parts of her wardrobe and stature that have seeped into the fashion world that's tapped into my conscience.

Favourite looks-cigarette trousers.

These are pants that are very unflattering for most. But to those who's skinny pins they grace they are absolutely beautiful and whereas most people who experienced them the first time round will cringe at these ankle skimming beauties i will be embracing them come winter. Cold ankles will be a popular complaint in my household as I'm thinking these with opaque/thin socks poking out of the bottom. Or perhaps i'll go Prada hole hog and don some chunky arron ones to warm them.
My favourite creators of these were:
Isabel Marant.
The sheer 80's vibe of these two images alone is staggering but completely to die for at the same time. The zig zags on the knees gives a nod to the fashion mantra this season-less is more and the key is in the detailing. I love the colours as well. I have a vintage jaeger jumper that i got from a charity shop in shrewsbury that is this acid orange exactly and if i didn't already love it, this being the same colour has made me even more proud to don it.
The splash effect is very reminiscent of the previously mentioned art trend of 2008 S/S. There's also a sense of flame about the top and this goes with the entire ensemble. Sasha looks hot!

The tiny ankles in black opaque socks looks so dainty and beautiful poking out of the bottom of Pheobe's stunning version. They're sleek and black and the perfect staple item. Where they may be accused of being too simple they're merely minimalistic to match everything and to work toward that every-so-A/W clean, cut womanly look.
I also loved the shoes. The huge bow as a nod to old school femininity and the hugeness of them really had a minnie mouse vibe, (who incidently has inspired my wardrobe rather a lot lately).

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

favourite looks-modern grunge.

I'll always see the arts merging into one and i am a firm believer that each aspect influences each other. Take the splattered paint trend of spring/summer 2008 headed by D&G's jackson pollock style gowns. Each aspect of the world of art influences the other and i feel this is very true of music as well. Grunge was a fashion trend hugely influenced, some may say created, by the faces of the music scene-sonic youth, kurt cobain, courtney love.
Well, the well-loved trend of the 90's was ressurrected in an extremely chic and feminine way this season and i'm a massive fan. Of course the inventors and pioneers of this trend would probably scoff at the floating skirts of the new version and the ultra sexy shapes and fabrics. However, this remains one of my favourite trends of A/W'10 and it's a look i will be working and will be able to do as the punk streak in me was a little anxious when first faced with the uber feminine, classy, sophisticated mood of the fall season.

Marc Jacobs
Not a bad word can be said about this collection. He covered many looks this being on of his best, (or at least one of my favourites).
His combination of colours was beautiful and the velvet drapery has a serious vintage feel. The subtle print of the flowers on the skirt gives the sense that it's previously been a throw in an aristocrats home. Obviously this being a noticable difference between the modern take and the frayed, worn and gender blurring 90's original. The contrast being the luxury feel. In fact this look is all about contrast between the two components. About layering as well as cut it's about combining comfort and sex appeal. The drape and lightweightedness of the skirt juxtaposes beautifully with the arron jumper and should be worn this way- a new skirt that makes you feel a million dollars combined with an old family favourite jumper-chunky or sleek the key feature is the homegrown and personal feel to it. The idea that you could turn up to a party cosy and sophisticated at the same time is a god send.
This is a look i will definitely be working this winter and i think Marc has done a brilliant job. I love the colours used-again they are slightly brighter shades than the sludges of the kurt generation of grunge kids but they are certainly toned down.

This fashion house being the front shot for the vogue catwalk report and also winning elle's best fashion designer award they certainly know what they're doing. The make-up was one of the subtleties that really pulled the looks together and 'heroine chic'-to pen a disgustingly outdated phrase that i didn't like to begin with-was written all over the faces of the models. With a beautifully odd choice of shades from burnt sienna oranges to navys and flashes of bright blue and red, again, Erdem turned this classic trend on its head and injected femininity and subtle bursts of colour whilst still managing to remain relaxed and with a hint of rebellion.
The girls who sport this look are a new and very modern woman. The girls who know how to dress elegantly but with discreet hints at a rebellious and anarchic nature. She's rebellious in her political views rather than the typical smoking behind bike sheds and she's utterly, utterly seductive. But in the classiest of ways. She's definitely ladylike but with a flare for nautiness and cheek.
Not only were the skirt and jumper ensembles flawless the collection was also dripping with beautiful detailing and other key aspects such as the cape, which was again embellished with flashes of blue and red in darling prints, hiking boots to die for in blood crimson and floral print, a leather skirt and a dominatrix trench. All hail Erdem.

There's really little you can explain about the D&G collection the clothing speaks for itself. Christmas jumpers in cherry red complete with snowflakes and built in cosiness. Poppy print sheer skirts contrast-like marc's genius ensembles-to create an alluring warming feel to the woman who wears them. She's complete with a womanly figure, sheer elements to peek at her best features and a skinny belt to cinch in her waist. A brilliant celebration of the female form and in the most equisitte tailoring and fabrics.

For full collection coverage:

Saturday, 14 August 2010

models off duty

As Tavi has wisely pointed out in her homage to model off-duty looks that aren't just bomber jackets and super-duper-skinny jeans, this girl combines prints, acid brights and craziness like noone else. She has extreme hippy elements but a pioneer of layering. Her textures are amazing as well, she combines leather docs with velvet a lot and she's always clashing colours and prints. A challenger of the colour wheel. She's a girl that, whenever i doubt myself fashionably and strike a style blank, i look to her for inspiration. She's really brave and innovative and she's a model with a look to actually celebrate. As a person as well she challenges the air head stereotype of a model. Everybody should check out interviews with her, she seems like she would be amazing to hang with. When asked what she does in her spare time she replied 'me and friends have pancake parties'. She also had an art exhibition and art certainly is an element that's expressed in her attire. I really admire her dress sense and i think she's a pioneer for difference and bringing back the message that fashion is art. And clothes are a way of showing the world who you are and how creative you are. Gold stars for Iekeliene
Tatiana Cotliar. I must say she's another girl i look up to for layers sake! She's another one with etherial looks and a very casual hair style that compliments the clothes beautifully. She pairs patterns together extremely well, (the spots on her tights matching the top of the body) and i love the subtle vintage hints.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Elle competiton

The first thing that springs to mind when sifting through my own shoe collection is my reaction to first seeing a particular pair. My first pair of brogues, for instance, were from Kurt Geiger and when my mother gave in to letting me try one on, (for she knew once it slid on my foot like Cinderella’s slipper there would be no going back for her bank account), I sunk into child mode. ‘Oh please, please, please Mum! I’ll wear them ALL the time. I need them Mum. Really, really need them.
Eyes bulging at the price, I could see her palms gathering sweat and becoming clammy at the thought of indulging ME in a pair of Kurt Geiger brogues. Because of course this is every Mother’s dilemma. Buying a pair of expensive shoes that she will never get a chance to wear herself seems ludicrous! However this proves the point. Women are willing to pay to embellish their feet more than they are for anything else. The age old womanly obsession with either bag or shoe seems to overrule all other fashion lust. When you fall in love with a pair of shoes that’s a bond that lasts a lifetime, (whether it the human’s life or the shoe’s). The average woman when asked this question would simply scream out, ‘YES OF COURSE!’ Perhaps afterwards biting her lip and realising, actually, perhaps the money needed to buy, yet another pair of shoes, could possibly be spent on something more important.But what’s more important than shoes? They make you taller or sleeker. They complete an outfit. They embellish a part of the human body that a lot of people fear to expose or are slightly squeamish about. Shoes are simply magical.When caressing the heels and features of my shoes-the suede of a boot, the wooden heel of an S/S10 clog, brushing the indentations on my 6 pairs of brogues, old and new; only one thing comes to mind: just how beautiful they all are. Just how worthy they were of the money I handed over in exchange for these stunning creations.
But this still doesn’t answer the question. Yes, shoes are extremely important in a wardrobe and a lifestyle-but what is women’s obsession with owning every possible style of shoe available? When a new season is showcased and the suspense of what we will all be wearing for the autumn or the summer is broken, the anticipation is built up and the first model struts along the runway we see what out feet will be wearing as well. What if you don’t own the shoe everybody’s talking about? As a ski boot D&G style stomps past you or perhaps a kitten heel steps past you in the street, a fear sets in. You don’t have that shoe. In the entirety of your collection lies not one pair of sheep lined boots. There’s a rush of adrenaline as you see the rest of the collection of course. There’s a definite ache of need for a Burberry flying jacket and some Rodarte-esque tulle layers. But really your heart sinks when you realise the look will never be complete without the shoe. Yet more money will have to be spent on a shoe that’s in keeping with this season’s trends. Lucky for most women shoes are very recyclable and reusable things. From season to season the same kind of shoe pops up and the average woman can save at least that section of her spending. However it’s entirely necessary to buy the ones missing if they don’t already grace your ensemble. This may be greeted with a faux worry and we may pretend to be irritated or anxious as we near bankruptcy by boot yet again. But really we’re excited. The desire for that boot, shoe, brogue or heel; sandal, shoot or stiletto takes over and out worry is override. Because, yes, we do really, really, really need yet another pair of shoes. Because what could be more fun to purchase?