Thursday, 22 July 2010

Day 6-Whatever tickles your fancy

This tickles my fancy right about now. This is Tim Walker who's my favourite photographer. His work is just beautiful.

He's English and it's very obvious in the photographs that he takes and the compositions he arranges that he's very quintessential and the quaint quirks in his photographs declare his naitonality with great patriarchy. He uses a lot of props in his photographs and blows unusual items up to gigantic scales, (Lily Cole is famously photographed caught in a gigantic fishing net and Coco Rocha is found leaning on a giant ladies glove-both shoots for vogue). His playful and childlike nature is said, by himself, to be greatly inspired by Cecil Beaton. There are certain aspects that mirror Beaton's composition and genius behind the arrangement of the scene and the mood created by whoever the subject is. Walker's work is so appealing to me due to the prominent playfullness inside; he offers and coaxes this out greatly with his sense of wonderland and the fictional aspect to most of his photo shoots. He usually creates massive props and the models seem never to be serious. Their facial expressions, or the mood they create is that of the audience of the photograph-joy. You want to climb into the photograph and be part of this fantasy world. I remember the first photograph i saw by him, i think was the India shoot with Ikeliene stange. I'd never seen a fashion shoot like this before-I was used to quite formal and chic shoots focusing on the clothes rather than the set and the theatricality of the photograph itself. It blew me away because once I'd seen more of his photographs it was obvious it was him, with his quirky and wonderful style of creating this oversized, intense scene seems to come alive upon the page and that, after all, is the point of art-to entertain. We are supposed to be entertained by art and, a lot of the time, transported to another place or another time or another person's head-Tim's head is a wonderful place to be and his dandy world of quintessential Britain will always be my favourite scene for a photograph.

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