Saturday, 24 July 2010

Day 11-A photo you've taken recently

Here's a photo of some ducks i took in Shrewsbury two thursdays ago. It was such a stunning place and i was surprised that i'd never heard, or somehow been compelled to go before. There was endless ammounts of charity shops filled with unthinkably beautiful hand-me-downs and cast offs and i got some amazing thrifty buys. There was also tonnes of amazing little pattisseries and cheese shops. The place was just generally beautiful, quaint and a typically cosy town. I will definitely be going again and i suggest you do to. I love this photograph because the duck looks like it's in a really intimate position. It's a very personal photograph with the duck cleaning its plumage. I love how the water looks silver and it looks as though it's been photoshopped but this was merely the magic of light.

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