Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Day 2-Favourite movie

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind and The Dark Knight have to be my favourites. Depending on which mood i'm in they help and they're extremely deep and interesting to ponder. The sort of films that catch my eye and grab my interest are the ones that make you review your own existance and perhaps tempt you to alter your life or at least your way of thinking somehow. Both of these films have done that. The Dark Knight may seem like a perculiar choice as it seems like just another hollywood blockbuster even if it strays from the shiny mold and is slightly darker, yes it's primarily an action movie. Its story is somewhat simple to follow and the characters are based on a comic book. But it's much deeper, darker and political than that. It's basically the story of anarchy and existentialism subtley slipped into a batman movie. The main villian-The joker-goes on a rampage around gothem city introduces the freedom of choice to all of its citizens. Playing each main character and each civilian against each other he attempts to create a state of chaos and pandamoneom simply by coaxing out the 'human nature' of darkness and evil. He expresses brilliantly and Heath Ledger plays the best, most tortured and madness stricken character i have ever seen.
Eternal sunshine is just a stunning film that tells us all that we should not regret the mistakes we've made for, whether we like it or not, and no matter how painful it all is to endure, they help us; without them we would be lost and wouldn't learn anything. I also take from the film a great sense that, even though we could possibly, in the future, remove somebody from our memory, from out lives, there's some sort of banevolent force that attracts us to each other. Sometimes people are just meant to be.

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