Thursday, 10 June 2010

English exams

May be really sad to most that i find english exams, literature and language alike, really enjoyable. Cold halls, ticking clocks and wandering invigilators aside it's a lovely experience in which i get to write, which is nice as i have so little time to lately. Exams are the greatest time eater there is so, alas, my creative flow's been somewhat strangled by the revision of quadratic equations and momentum. The english exams have been a chance to escape my writing becoming rusty and most of the tasks have been really enjoyable.
It seems when you're young the things that are innately uncool, become infinately cooler when you're older. Okay, so that's quoting Sophie Dahl pretty much directly but only because i agree. She says that eating alone in restaurants becomes a really maverick and cool thing to do once you're over the ridiculousness of the childhood notion that you're uncool unless you have an army of people around you at all times.
So i've started a new blog for writing poems, stories, musings and articles when i find something interesting to scribble about. I'll avoid pretention and won't ask for praise hopefully you'll just enjoy what i've written. Hopefully this'll help the creative and consistant flow i'll need to write for a magazine.

Love always,


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